As Novawood, we stand by our customers for their special requests and projects. We handle our customers requests as independent projects, and fulfill these requests producing boutique products with different approaches.
In order to meet our need for raw materials and our customers demands for lumber, we supply American hardwood (Ash, Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Tulipwood and Walnut) from North American forestries, which produce lumber exclusively for Novawood.

Also, we supply Beech and Oak from our factory in Europe, and other types of trees such as Sapelli and particularly Iroko and Ayous, from Africa.

We are proud of contributing to several special projects and architectural structures in international arena with our special products, and always prove the difference of Novawood in wood sector. Novawood supplies value added lumber products for companies which want to have the flexibility to produce their own profiles. From this point of view, Novawood has generated its own grading principles which we call as ‘’Novawood Grading Rules’’ by giving the possibilities to our customers to get at least 98% yield from the Lumber supplied by Novawood. Novathermowood hardwoods are supplied as Skipped/Dressed value added lumber.

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Wood SpeciesThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
Nova-Red Oak26/521521800-4200
Kiln Dried Red Oak25/32/50Rondom Width2100-4200
Kiln Dried White Oak26/32/52Rondom Width2100-4200
Kiln Dried Ash26/32/52Rondom Width2100-4200
Kiln Dried Maple26/32/52Rondom Width2100-4200
Kiln Dried Tulipwood26/32/50Rondom Width1500-3600
Kiln Dried Beech50Rondom Width1500-3000
Kiln Dried Iroko25/50/75/100/130100/130/150/175/2002000-3600
Kiln Dried Sapelli50/65/100100/130/2002000-3600

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