Lamınated Wood Beams (Glulam)

Laminated Wood Technology, which is being used extensively in Europe and USA for over 100 years, is now offered to you by Novawood. Make grand impressions in grand spaces with Laminated Wood Beams.

Magical warmth of wood comes together with its surprising load-carrying capacity in Laminated Wood Beams, and adds a natural and immense beauty to your buildings. It is preferred for original spaces, with its sturdiness and durability, aesthetic and elegant look, decorative and natural quality, in addition to its being an eco-friendly and economical material.

Laminated wood beam is obtained as a result of gluing using a special glue and pressing at least three pieces of timbers made out of spruce timber dried in special kilns.

Materials in different forms, flat or curvilinear, such as columns, beams, arches, or trusses, can be made using Glulam Beams.

Use of modern technology and industrial production indicates a recent increase in the number of wood users and application areas. Ecological and natural construction materials are also perceived by people as a minimum option. As understood from the advances in the laminate wooden timber technology, Glulam is stronger than a single-piece wood in the same section and does not cause problems like rotation or failure to function as it is kiln-dried. It can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and cuts as flat up to 32m or curved up to 16m, using eco-friendly melamine adhesive complying with E1 standard.

Enables an authentic space design. Decorative, no need for coating. Super earthquake-proof, high fire resistance, breathing material. High heat conductivity rating, low maintenance costs, high acoustic capacity, lightweight material.

Laminated wood beams are essential products to meet demands for ecological and economic construction materials for spacious – open surfaces, strong visuals, stability and durability, architectural and static demand, aesthetic, stylish appearance, and a healthy life.

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·       It is earthquake-resistant. It has been observed that it is more sturdy and suitable for earthquakes, since it absorbs the tensile and compressive force better than reinforced concrete and steel structures.

 ·       Even though it is a very light wooden material, it has a capacity to carry heavy loads. It is lighter than steel that has the same load-carrying capacity.
 ·       It is more resistant to fire and has a higher load-carrying capacity during fir than other structure types. Carbon occurring on the surface of the wood creates a layer against fire and slows down the burning. Laminated wood girders burn only 2 cm in 30 minutes. This makes it possible for the girders to keep serving as bearing element and supports the building for hours during fire. Newly developed boron-based paints can definitely prevent the wood from burning.
 ·       Modern dry solid wooden products make it possible to manufacture high quality prefabricated constructional elements.
 ·       It is economical. It takes a short time to assemble it. It has a low maintenance cost.
 ·       It is a breathing material.
 ·       It has cost advantages over traditional building materials.
·       Laminated wood beams merge easily with concrete, steel and other stone constructional elements.
 ·       It is an aesthetic and high quality wooden product. It is a decorative constructional element.
 ·       It allows designing original spaces. In large and single space buildings such as auditoriums, theatre and concert halls, education buildings and buildings for product demonstration/sales, it allows building of all geometrical structures such as geodesic dome, normal dome, pyramid, vault, etc.
 ·       Individual designs can be made using solid modeling, and elements of large scale can be produced in covered areas, and assembled in construction site to achieve a high quality and excellent finishes.
 ·       It has a very low maintenance cost. Proper and periodical maintenance makes it an immortal constructional element.
 ·       It can be recycled and reused without any additional cost.
 ·       It is kiln dried (its operation is minimized).