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Thermowood is the thermal modification of timber with pressure, high heat treatment and steam. During the process, controlled heat in the Thermowood chambers goes up to 320°C while controlled internal heat of the timber reaches between 180°-220°C depending on variables of the species.
Negative characteristics of the wood in external use such as rotting, fungal growth, insect formation, swelling and bending is minimized and abolished.

Our productıon facılıtıes

Novawood has two factories and both are located at Gerede Industrial Zone in city of Bolu in Turkey. Factories are built on a total area of 28.000 mand has 11.100 m2 of closed production area. One of our factory is used only for Thermowood processing and the other one is for wood processing (profiling) and storage area.

In addition, our 4 drying kilns are located within the total area. We have annual 20.000 m³ of Thermowood production capacity.


In principle Thermal modification process can be performed to each type of wood. Some of them are ”Pine, Spruce, Ash, Tulipwood, Oak, Beech and Iroko”. However, best efficiency may not be obtained from each tree.

Considering best colour, texture, price and customer appreciation we perform Thermowood process to most suitable materials.

95% of our production constitutes of Thermowood Pine, Thermowood Ash, Thermowood Tulipwood, Thermowood Ayous and Thermowood Iroko.

CE certıfıcate

CE is not a symbol of quality. It indicates that attached products meet all the requirements of the relevant regulations and free movement of goods between EU member states.
And the scope of this certificate does not include Thermowood products

Our Certıfıcates;

– TMT exteriorPlus (Thermally modified Timber) CEN/TS 15083-1:2005
– TSE (Turkish Standards Institute)
– ISO 9001:2008
– FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council)
– Membership of International Thermowood Association

maıntenance and repaır

Any products used in External space are in need of care and maintenance. However, while some products can not be maintained, Wood will have same image as the first day with an easy maintanence even after years. Maintenance should be considered as an advantage.

Maintenance period for the Thermowood treated materials are much longer than the regular wood. Regular untreated wood will face problems such as rotting, fungal growth, insect holes, bending, etc. and therefore will require more frequent maintenance.

Thermowood products will not face the same problems above and therefore maintenance period is much longer. Maintenance period varies depending on the UV resistancy of the stain applied to the wood.

Stains containing high content of pigments will be long lasting and more protective. This period ranges from 3 years to 7 years. Conditions such as Climate, sun angle and time period also determines te time period for the maintenanceThe maintenance period for deckings should be considered as every year and the cladding materials as 3-7 years.

maıntenance and repaır

If installation is made correctly and not maintained, wood will have surface checks and change of colour to gray as reflect to the UV. Lack of maintenance does not affect the positive characteristics imparted with Thermowood process.
So, even in case of Lack of maintenance, Swelling, bending, rotting, insect holes etc. will NOT occur.

External Areas

  • Exterior Cladding
  • Exterior Decking
  • Pool side, terrace decking
  • Sun Shades
  • Flower tub
  • Door and window manufacturing
  • Pergola
  • Parapet and fence
  • Park, Garden, Landscape
  • Garden furniture
  • Sitting bench

Internal Areas

  • Engineered and Solid Flooring
  • Solid Panel
  • Panelling, Seperator
  • Ceiling and roof sheating
  • Furniture
  • Door and window
  • Sauna sheating and furniture
  • Bath, kitchen furniture
  • Others: Wooden toy, wooden souvenir, instruments

Thermowood care

Before you start with the sanding,pressurized water etc. methods it is highly recommend to get rid of the dirt and open the pinholes on the surface. Afterwards, by using a brush or roller you can easily apply lacquer/oil.
For maintenance costs, get in touch with our Sales representative.


During the installation, at least 5-6 mm space should be left between the decking boards

Countrıes we export

%45 of our production is being exported. Currently we are exporting Novawood products more than 60 countries.

These countries are;

Afghanistan, Albania, Antarctica , Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bulgarian, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Djibouti, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Palestinian, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Korean, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, UAE, Uganda, Ukraine, Umman, United Kingdom, USE, Vietnam.


It is definitely convenient for lamination. We are already manufacturing laminated and finger jointed products in our factory. The most proper glue for Thermowood is Polyurethane and MUF.

There is no difference in strength resistance. But the preference might be because it is more economical. Thermowood processed woods should not be used as a bearing column of buildings.

Why Thermowood

a) Technical Specifications

  • Working (twisting,bending) behavior has been minimized
  • Decay, infestation is prevented
  • Long lasting durability
  • Thermal Insulation has been increased
  • Homogen in colour
  • Strong durability against weather conditions
  • Easy in processing

b) Useful Specifications

  • Aesthetics and attraction in Wood
  • Source from sustainable forests
  • Manufacturing without any chemicals included
  • %100 Natural
  • Economical
  • Healthy

Chemıcal ıs not used

Our Thermowood products are %100 natural without any chemicals included. The process is done only by heat, steam and pressure.


The thickness of the underconstruction depends on the area and the material itself. The underconstruction thicknesses are 25-40 and 65 mm. The underconstruction has to be stronger and thicker than the decking or the underconstruction has to be in the same thickness as the decking itself but the most proper thickness for the underconstruction is 40 mm. In order to prevent any damage to the wood by possible water accumulation under the deck and having enough space for the air circulation, 40 mm underconstruction is recommended.

In indispensable situations, 20 or 25 mm thickness can also be used. The downslope should be enough to catch the water flow.

The same aspects are valid for the Cladding as well.

There should be at least 20 mm space left behind the cladding for air circulation. This space is compulsory so that the wood can breath the air to stay dry. It’s recommended to have a gap of 40 mm for the decking’s.
In case of water ponding the thickness of the underconstruction for decking should be at least 40 mm. For decking application areas which are not dry enough, the air circulation space should be at least 100 mm (such as Grass,pebble,soil).


Yes it can. Thermowood products have the feature in manufacturing Pergola as there is no risk of resin flow, swelling, infestation etc.
The base structure of Thermowood processed wood is strong enough to carry out products like Pergola-Gazebo.


After the surface treatment, the smell of Thermowood vanishes and does not appear again. In case of non surface treatment this smell vanishes by time and can not be perceived when not coming close to it. Within 20 days of period the smell is already away.
It has been prooved that the Volatile Organic Compound TVOC is less when compared to regular good (VTT 2011).

For our solid flooring products we advice to wait for a week but for our other products there is no need to wait.

We don’t provide installation service. But if required, we can guide you to our Professional solution partners. Our company is mainly focusing on industrial manufacturing and R&D activities.

Therefore, we are consentrating ourself in on time supply, high quality raw material and manufacturing phases. Lots of products are supplied to international and domestic projects.

Although we dont have the installation service, we give full support to our clients on this subject. We share all the system detail drawings, technical specifications and installation guidelines with our clients.

We bring together our clients with our professional solution partners and follow up till the job is done.

In case there is no restriction from technical aspects and production conditions it is possible to work on the request.

As a standard we supply random lengths in between 2400-5100 mm  for softwoods and 1200-3600 mm for hardwoods. The lengths start from 1200 mm with 300 mm intervals.
Our products are mostly supplied in long lengths. As an alternative, by Finger Joint production we can come up to 6 meter lengths as well.

As any other natural product, wood also shows reactions in time as per the environmental conditions. Our company is certified from independent bodies and has proven it’s quality by this certificates.

There is no price difference in different profiles as overall measurement is taken into consideration. By providing us the drawings, special profiles can be produced as requested.

It derives from the supply of the raw material. Another fact is that it’s harder to get clean surface in broader materials when compared to narrow sized goods.

Yes we can. But in this case our company is not responsible for any problems becuase of the quality of the raw material.
Hence, in order to get through the right Thermowood process the quality of the raw material is quite important.

Mainly we have a stock of Thermowood processed and ready to get Thermowood approximetly of 5000 m3.

Novawood has 4 drying chambers and 3 Thermowood chambers. Our yearly Thermowood capacity is 18.000 m3.

We have a painting machine in our factory. If required, we can also supply the boards as 6 sides stained including the back side.

The maintenance period for deckings are shorter than the claddings as the contact with deckings or more often compared to the claddings. Another reason is that the deckings confronts the sunlight straightly whereas the claddings faces the sunlight for a few hours and not with a straight angle. Depending on the location, the deckings may face the sun from sunrise till sundown.

Apart from that, there is a circulation on the deckings as well. Especially, places with human circulations shortens the period of maintenance.

One other reason is that water drops remains as a lense till the wood gets dry which can cause the fading on the material.

Besides Thermowood process is in need of high energy, humidity loss during the process also causes loss in sizes.
Therefore the costs of Thermowood processed wood is higher than regular wood.

Please get in touch with our sales representatives.

We do not recommend to use 180°C Thermowood processed wood for exterior.
Experienced with different species have shown that the results are not positive.

Hardwood and softwood species both are suitable as Cladding material while Hardwood species are most recommended as Decking material. Both species obtain advantages of novathermowood products against rotting, insect formation, swelling and bending, however, softwood species have less resistance to impact compared to hardwood.
Therefore, softwood has less resistance against scratches, dents and breakage. In this respect, it is advantageous to use Hardwood species.

B quality products are a grading standard for our Thermowood Pine products. These products have more and bigger knots with splits (cracks) on them. It may contain Unsound Knots.

Because of its nature, Swedish Pine does not give good results in Thermowood process. Southern Yellow Pine also has its unique characteristics such as wide growth rings with wide grains which experiences crusting problems after Thermowood process. If demanded both species can be customized produced.

A gap allowing air circulation under the cladding and provides drying of the wood must kept at least as the thickness of the wood cladding (min. 20mm).
Our sales representatives can provide you with detailed 3D drawings.

This issue is very important and should be held carefully.

Distance between head-parts and other products (wall, metal, glass etc.) should be minimum of 30mm

Thermowood process can be performed only by companies approved by International Thermowood Association. Members of Thermowood Association are audited for the quality checks and process compliance on annual basis.
In this way, the qualities of International Thermowood Association members are kept under control and Thermowood process is being monitored. It guarantees that right products are held out with right prescription.

TMT Certificate is issued by accredited organisations in Germany. It describes that Thermowood products are manufactured according to European Norms and TSE standards where the Thermowood process is being named as TMT (Thermally Modified Timber).
TMT is a Quality Certificate which proves that Company’s products are tested and certified for durability against fungus, weather conditions, durability, swelling, bending and dimensional stability.

Actually, heat treatment is a method used since the Vikings. First heat treatment studies were made by German scientists in 1930’s and Thermowood technology was introduced in the 90’s

There is a complete list of our projects on our website. If desired, please visit our links for “References” on the website

Please visit our links for “References” on the website.

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