“We can’t see nature as separate from us; it is a part of us.”

Novawood set out with the purpose of weaving the texture of the “tree” into the fabric of “life”. Our aim was to convert this
most beautiful gift of nature into breathing, living spaces. Today, with each new design, we feel that we are bringing nature one
step closer to humans. While trying to preserve the rich forests of our world through sustainable solutions, we embrace the quality of
“longevity” as the most significant brand value of our products. Inspired by the harmony and aesthetics of nature itself, we preserve our
products through the most advanced thermal modification method, “Thermowood” for ultimate “durability” and “endurance”.

We have a justified pride in our position as the first company to introduce the thermal modification technology “Thermowood” in Turkey.
We improve and direct each stage of the production process with innovative approaches that enrich life. We strive to reinforce wood products,
which we regard as living materials, without compromising their aesthetics or natural value. With World-class facilities equipped with latest
technology machineries and an annual production capacity of 18,000 m3, Novawood products are shipped to 55 countries worldwide including England,
Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Japan, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Finland, People’s Republic of China, India and Saudi Arabia.

Operating principles that are fully compliant with European standards and practices, a strong technological infrastructure including
Thermowood production, the only solid wood R&D laboratory of Turkey and a corporate culture focusing on innovation are the
qualities that make Novawood the uncontested leader of its sector.


Regular stocks of 5.000 M3 and 600.000 M2 annual production capacity

Novawood is the leading producer of Thermowood with its technology, wide range of products, and high product quality.
Located in the Bolu Gerede Industrial Area, the Novawood plant produces 18,000 m3 of novathermowood lumber and 600,000 m2 of novathermowood
finished goods annually.

Novawood participates in research and Q&A studies by international accreditation institutions as well as national and international companies,
receiving several certificates of achievement and quality in standard inspections carried out by said organizations. Novawood products are manufactured
in the company’s own facilities and in compliance with international standards of quality.

The main range of Thermowood products by Novawood include Exterior Cladding, Panel Cladding, Decking, novathermowood Decking Tiles,
Solid Flooring, Engineered Flooring, Laminated Beams, Solar Shading, novathermowood Door and Window Profiles, novathermowood Pergolas and Fences.

Novawood constantly improves and develops upon its range of products to meet the needs and requirements of the industry without compromising quality.
With its customer satisfaction and quality driven approach, Novawood also manufactures custom products for architectural projects and customer requests.

“Nature’s Gift to Us, Our Gift to You”

Phone: +90 216 545 66 82
Fax: +90 216 325 96 63
Headquarter: Kucukcamlica Mah. Bulgurlu Cad. No: 32 34696 Uskudar-Istanbul /Turkey
Factory: Gerede Organize Sanayi Bolgesi No: 101-2 Gerede-Bolu / Turkey