TMT Ayous



Novawood’s new product novathermowood ayous cladding, novathermowood pine quality product is offered as an alternative as soft and smooth structure. Ayous is a tropical softwood species that has become popular in recent years. It has a smooth vein-like appearance consisting of bright and long lines, which are not knotty in the structure. After the thermowood process, it has a hot golden yellowish brown appearance. The lightness provides convenience in terms of application. All the durability conditions that we offer in our other ThermoWood products apply to our ThermoWood Ayous products.

You can shine your cladding with the ayous tree!thermologo-acikzemine-300x38





novathermowood Cladding is made of 100% natural, solid wood with unique characteristics. The product contains no chemicals, and is suitable for all weather conditions. Care must be taken to install and maintain it correctly to ensure you enjoy its beauty for many years to come.
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